Rope Access

For buildings with areas that are difficult to reach via conventional methods, rope access provides an effective solution. Greig Avinou provides the specialist skills needed to clean your windows.

Greig Avinou has an in-house team of industrial Rope Access Technicians. All are highly trained and experienced in the abseiling techniques needed to work safely and effectively.

All our specialist Rope Access Technicians are trained and certified to IRATA standards (Industrial Rope Access Trading Association).

Greig Avinou Rope Access Teams consist of highly trained and experienced personnel, who are all experienced in the rescue and evacuation of persons.

Industrial rope access techniques can change your whole approach! High or awkward repair and maintenance work is disruptive, expensive and as a rule inconvenient to everyone concerned. Used inside or outside your property, rope access techniques allow work to start immediately. Rope access takes away the disruption factor normally associated with other forms of access such as scaffolding and cradles etc.

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