Exterior Maintenance


External maintenance of your building on a regular basis not only has cosmetic benefits; it will actually reduce ongoing costs for facilities managers and building owners by preventing enormously expensive refabrication programs.

Regular professional cleaning will preserve the exterior surface of your building, and a clean building exterior is far more appealing to your prospective customers and/or tenants.  The first impression is always the most important

Insurers are now insisting on regular cleaning to the exterior of commercial and industrial buildings. Cleaning the roof, guttering, windows and external fabrication of your building prolongs the life and prevents decay to delicate substrates such as waterproof membranes, roof linings, window seals and expansion joints.

We utilise a range of access techniques for building cleaning. We will advise you as to the most appropriate and cost effective method in each circumstance. We can arrange scaffolding, powered access, highways permits and licenses.


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Exterior Maintenance