Safety Anchor Bolts

Annual Test

We will test and certify your existing Safety Anchor Bolts and safety wire systems.

eyebolt.jpgSafety Anchor eyebolts are a single attachment point for one user working in an area where there is a potential risk of a fall.

All Safety Anchors eyebolts have been produced and manufactured in accordance with BS EN795.

Safety Anchor Bolts

The installation of eyebolts will be carried out by our highly qualified personnel, who can install and test to BS 7883. The positioning of the eyebolts in relation to the work activity will be specified by our installers. Our installers will ensure that they are fitted in the correct positions. Once fitted the eyebolts are tested to a force of 5kn. An Identity disc is positioned behind all eyebolts stating that the eyebolt is for attachment of rope access/PPE only and the next date of inspection.

The general factors to be considered are as follows:

Safety Anchor Bolts

Exterior Maintenance