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External cladding cleaning not only enhances your buildings physical appearance but increases the lifespan of the cladding system, helping to reduce ongoing costs for you and your business.

Exterior cladding panels although often anodised, painted or plastic coated must undergo routine cladding cleaning and maintenance to help prevent deterioration and corrosion. Without a maintenance schedule, expensive re-cladding, or spray painting may be necessary.

Any type of external cladding cleaned

Using a variety of techniques Greig Avinou are experienced in a full range of external cladding cleaning services including both horizontal and vertical cladding, facades, fascias and external fabric.

We are  fully trained and qualified to clean high level cladding, soffits, roofs and gutters. Our cleaning technicians can safely and quickly access any structure for cleaning. We are always able to provide the most suitable solution to your high level cleaning requirements, whether it requires our 'Reach and Wash' pole fed system, Access Lifting Platforms or Abseiling.

To achieve the best results we use a range of cleaning products that have been developed to clean and successfully restore cladding, including powder-coated, anodised aluminium and plastic-coated panels. These products are non-abrasive and have a neutral pH which is standard architect criteria for the cleaning of these types of surfaces. After treatment a protective silicone layer is retained helping to preserve the building from further deterioration.

Using our cladding cleaning methods, developed over many years experience, we get excellent results with minimal business disruption.

Our investment in technology and training allows us to provide a cost effective maintenance and cleaning program for your cladding which will enhance the lifespan of your building.

Exterior Maintenance